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Logan Drews

Senior Software Engineer / CHR Solutions


Logan Drews is a Senior Software Engineer at CHR Solutions in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and works to provide the scaling and features for ever-growing telecommunication companies.


Getting Started With Service Fabric and Aspnet for Microservices (or Regular Services)

Microservices and distributed architectures are a hot topic to meet the needs of scaling and managing application growth. A plethora of solutions are available that aim to make creating and managing these architectures easier. Which one should you use?

Unfortunately, that question is too large to definitely answer in a single talk. However, we can provide you some information to help choose between the choices you make. In this talk, we’ll look at Microsoft Service Fabric. At the end of this talk, you should have a better understanding of some of the features of Service Fabric and if it might benefit your organization.

We’ll take a look at the features Service Fabric provides and the features we are using at CHR. Along the way, we’ll also discuss some of the issues we’ve experienced over the last two years as we’ve moved to a distributed architecture.