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  • Systematic Debugging

    Debugging is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of software development and maintenance. This talk is an overview of a strategic debugging approach, as well as a few tips for avoiding code bugs and making debugging easier. There will not be a focus on specific tools or languages, but some experience with software development is assumed.

    Read more about Systematic Debugging
  • Intro to DevSpaces

    Have you ever wanted to “ship” an incremental solution? Ever wanted to collaborate with another developer on dependent services as you work through the kinks of integration? Or, have you deployed multiple variations into a public space for feedback? Azure DevSpaces provides a container playground worth considering. In this session we’ll walk through the basics of deploying and debugging in Dev Spaces. Read more about Intro to DevSpaces
  • Get Blazor-ed

    Why should the javascript developers have all the fun? They write javascript on the server. Now you can write C# in the browser. It’s only fair. Come check out the basics of Blazor and find out how you too can write the same language in all the places. Read more about Get Blazor-ed
  • Stalking Your House With Home Automation

    Over the past two years, I’ve built a ton of sensors with the ESP8266 microcontroller platform to monitor activities around my house. I have sensors that are currently monitoring the temperature throughout my house plus two freezers in my basement. My garage has a garage door sensor to know if it is open or closed as well as a light sensor, complete with Slack integration for alerts and alarms. To top it off, I need to know when the washing machine completes it’s cycle so I monitor the vibrations of both the washer and dryer to know if they are running or not. Read more about Stalking Your House With Home Automation
  • Career Pathing a Developer

    Stop passing on life changing opportunities just because you do not know where it could end. Many developers are asking “what’s next after software development?”. Many developers pass on opportunities because they do know about the challenges or are fully content with what they are doing. If you are a developer that is wondering about what’s next after software development in your career path, then this session is for you. In addition, if you are content as a developer, this session will help you understand the other roles better so you could reconsider or appreciate the other roles. Read more about Career Pathing a Developer
  • Getting Started With Service Fabric and Aspnet for Microservices (or Regular Services)

    Microservices and distributed architectures are a hot topic to meet the needs of scaling and managing application growth. A plethora of solutions are available that aim to make creating and managing these architectures easier. Which one should you use? Unfortunately, that question is too large to definitely answer in a single talk. However, we can provide you some information to help choose between the choices you make. In this talk, we’ll look at Microsoft Service Fabric. Read more about Getting Started With Service Fabric and Aspnet for Microservices (or Regular Services)
  • Introduction to React

    React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Open sourced by Facebook, but used by thousands of frontend engineers, React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in use today. Learn what it is, why it’s so popular and how to build your own React-powered user interfaces. Read more about Introduction to React
  • Improving Web Performance

    This session starts with a traditional web page and shows step by step how to improve its performance and user experience! Discover performance techniques that everyone should use, then learn techniques that differ when targeting HTTP 1.1 vs. HTTP/2. Review tools that can help identify and validate sound performance best practices. Explore how to defer resource requests with lazing loading, asynchronous loading, and postponing 3rd party tag requests. Many other performance boosting techniques will also be discussed, which can reduce response time while also boosting the scalability and reliability of your site. Read more about Improving Web Performance
  • Adventures in Coding

    There are so many great ways to teach your kids to code. Come explore the newest and the best. We will review some of the staples, and learn some ways to keep them fresh. From dressing up Dash and Dot to lighting up an LED ring with Arduino. Then we will launch into some great new ways to get coding. We will check out the games like codingFarmers, Potato Pirates, and Hacker. Read more about Adventures in Coding